Rendered services:

  1. Work with debts.
  2. Reorganization of enterprises.
  3. Legal advices in the business sphere.
  4. Legal services in the field of customs legislation.
  5. Drafting of international contracts.
  6. Services in the field of tax law.
  7. Formation of the statutory fund.
  8. Registration of companies in Belarus.

Work with debts.

Debt Collection -

– is a set of actions aimed at the return of overdue debts. Debt collection is an integral part of the business process. We provide legal support at all the stages of debt collection.

We provide legal support at all stages of debt collection.

1. Pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

At this stage the negotiations with the debtor are running for repayment of the debt, the debtor can also be sent letters demanding payment for a debt. This stage often takes place without the need of professional lawyers. Meanwhile, it also happens that the involvement of a lawyer at this stage of debt recovery could be decisive.

2.Preparation of the claim.

If due to the results of the first phase the creditor has not reached the desired result and the debt is not returned - it is necessary to prepare for the recovery of the debt in Economic court. Drafting and sending of the claim is obligatory procedure prior to going to court. We must remember that the legislation demands certain requirements both to the content of claim, and to the order of the complaint resolution of the dispute. Professional legal services will avoid delaying debt repayment, loss of time and money. Our lawyers will gather the necessary information about the status of the debtor, they will also analyze all the documents, which are the basis for the debt emergence, will hold talks and meetings with the debtor, prepare and send a claim to the debtor. Please note that for many debtors obtaining a claim is "the last bell", after which the debt is paid back.

3. Debt collection in court.

If all the above measures didn`t lead to a result, we are preparing a lawsuit to recover the debt. Good knowledge of the legislation and experience allows us to protect the interests of our clients. In this case the cost of legal services will be collected from the debtor by the court.

4. Execution of the decision of the court to recover the debt.

We also represent our clients interests in enforcement proceedings: we prepare the application to initiate enforcement proceedings to recover the debt; we represent our clients in cooperation with bailiffs in order to execute a court decision on recovery of debt; we are taking measures aimed at the actual enforcement of the judgment and transfer funds to the account of our client.

With us you can be sure that you have done everything possible in order to return the debt!

Reorganization of enterprises.

Changes in the economy, innovations of legislation, the growing number of competitors - these and many other reasons have a direct impact on the activity of any company. 

 Reorganization of the company can help to avoid the negative effects of the above changes, and help the company to continue working and making profit. 

 The reorganization of the company is the process of changing its structure or organizational form. Any company (regardless of ownership) can be reorganized in the following ways: consolidation, merger, division, transformation, selection.

 The procedure of the reorganization depends on the legal form of the reorganized company (decision-making, preparation of necessary documentation).

 To begin the process of reorganization of commercial organizations must submit a lawyer necessary documents and information: 

  •  a copy of the certificate of the state registration of the company and the constituent documents (contracts, statutes, annexes, notifications of change of the company location); 

  •  the size of the statutory fund, the size of contributions and the share of the founders;

  •  copies of passports of the director of the reorganized company, its founders, potential founders, their contact numbers; 

 information about the activities of the reorganized enterprise, its location, bank accounts, credentials, and other information depending on the form of reorganization. 

 The reorganization procedure is not easy for an ordinary person. That is why the most reasonable solution will be to entrust this process to professional lawyers – to our lawyers. We`ll help you to go through all the stages of reorganization with all the formalities of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and thereby raise your business to the next level!

Legal advices in the business sphere.

 Legal advices in the business sphere. 

 Our legal advice is a professioanal legal advice on questions of creation, running and liquidation of business in the Republic of Belarus.

 Legal service "Legal advice" is given by the lawyers of our company, attested by Ministry of justice of the Republic of Belarus, with high qualification and experience in the field of the legal business-consulting.

Consultation can be given both in verbal and in writing - depending on customer wishes. The cost of consultation is not big and it`s formed depending on complication and amount of questions. 

 You can also get preliminary legal advice on the aspects of registration of companies in Belarus.

 In addition, it is always possible to get legal advices on questions, not requiring the study of additional materials or legislation. 

 Getting legal advice is possible by any comfortable for you method:

  • -in our office 

  •  - on telephones: 

+375 29 196 99 47 (velcom);

 +375 29 239 77 78 (МТS);

If you regularly run into the necessity of getting of legal advices, we recommend you subscriber service in our company.

Legal services in the field of customs legislation.

 It`s not a secret that the customs clearance of goods may be accompanied by a number of difficulties for the business entity, due to the complexity of customs legislation. Our lawyers have a positive experience of resolving complex and controversial issues in the field of customs regulation.

 Professional lawyer will:

  •  provide the necessary information and legal support in dealing with the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus; 

  •  provide legal advice in the field of customs clearance of goods; 

  •  prepare the drafts of documents (including individual development of complex international contracts, according to the wishes of the client, with a translation into a foreign language); 

  •  make legal expertise of drafts of documents provided by the client, with their legal assessment; 

  •  provide legal protection during customs inspections; 

  •  appeal against acts of customs authorities; 

  •  represent and protect the interests of customers directly at the customs authorities. 

 We are ready to provide our clients with legal assistance in dealing with the customs authorities, as well as to protect the interests of your company on: customs control and clearance of goods; calculation and collection of customs duties; identification of the country of origin of the goods; prosecution for violation of customs regulations; appeal decisions and actions / omissions of customs officials. 

Drafting of international contracts.

 Drafting of international agreements is a necessary procedure to all participants of foreign economic activity. Any sphere of business activity (such as a purchase-sale, implementation of works, licensing, advertisement etc) can be the subject of such agreement. 

 Drafting of international agreement can be made by one of the parties of the contract. 

 When a foreign side drafts a contract it can fall short of to the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and the custom authority of the Republic of Belarus may not accept it. 

 That is why it`s important to edit a contract taking into account requirements to the document on the territory of the Republic of Belarus or to draw the literate record of disagreements.

 It is not a good idea to use the model forms of contracts, not taking into account the certain terms of transactions, in order not to run into problems with custom authorities. 

 The professional lawyers draft international agreements taking into account interests of both parties, they will also consult a client on any questions in the field of foreign economic activity and check an agreement for accordance to the Belarussian legislation. They will draw the record of disagreements, and if necessary – they will design a bilingual international agreement.

 Please contact us in order for us to draft of international agreement for you!  


Services in the field of tax law.


 For the companies that are registered a long ago or quite recently, financial questions are identically important, and a problem of taxation is one of basic in this field. The lawyers of our company are ready to give professional consultations on questions of tax law, including questions touching particular treatments of taxation and order of their application in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


  Professional lawyers will provide optimization of taxation and will offer for Your company the certain advantageous chart of work, allowing to optimize charges and increase the profit of enterprise. We are always glad to give you operatively consultation on questions of tax law of the Republic of Belarus. 


Formation of the statutory fund.


 It`s established by the legislation that while the creation of a commercial organization its statutory fund is formed. However, the contribution of the founder to the statutory fund does not have to be paid at the moment of company registration, it can only be declared and must be formed not later than twelve months from the date of the state registration of the company. Commercial organizations are free to determine the size of their authorized capital. It can be of any size. The current legislation does not establish a minimum charter capital for most commercial organizations. However, any rule has exceptions.

 How the statutory fund can be formed? It is formed by contributions of participants, which can be monetary and non-monetary (property). If the formation of the authorized capital in the form of monetary contribution usually doesn`t cause any difficulties, the formation of the statutory fund by making non-monetary contribution has several features. Professional lawyers will provide you with all the necessary consultations on the formation of the authorized capital, as well as carry out a full documentary support of its formation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and, more importantly, explain the consequences of failure to meet the terms of the order or the size of the formation of the authorized capital of your company. In addition you will get full information on the order of increase or decrease of the authorized fund of your commercial organization. 


Registration of companies in Belarus.


 Our lawyers are ready to provide you with professional legal consulting on the registration of enterprises of different organizational forms. 

 For registering and starting of business you must go through the procedure of state registration. Entrepreneurial activity without state registration is illegal. Entrepreneurial activity is carried out in certain forms due to our legislation. 

 When registering business with us you can choose from several options. 

 At the same time, if you are ready to make a part of work concerning company registration by yourself, then it will cost you less. 

 But anyway you get a 100% legal support during your company registration. 

 The deadline for registration of the enterprise is from 1 to 4 working days. State registration of enterprises can also be performed without the personal presence of the founders, on the basis of powers of attorney, samples of which we will mail you wherever you are. 

 In addition, you can order a separate registration services: providing the samples of documents, preparation of the company statute, legal consultations and others. We are also ready in full accordance with your wishes to accompany the process of document preparation and negotiation to obtain a letter of guarantee to provide a legal address for the office of your company.